back to school

3 Photographs to Take on the First Day of School

There are so many things to prepare for when time for your kids to start back to school.  One of the fun things that you can plan ahead for is photographing back-to-school memories.  Here are 3 ways to capture those memories no matter what grade your child is in.

1.  Use a sign

Back to school sign

Whether it is printed from Pinterest or handmade, having a sign that your kid can hold will help them to know that to do and gives reference to the photo for the future.  You can put their age, what grade, favorite things, teachers name, graduation date, etc.  I typically shoot these the morning of the first day outside my front door.  This location makes it easy for me to shoot this photograph again on the last day of school so that I can truly compare them side by side.  

2.   Full Body Photograph

first day of school photo

Don’t you want to remember how tall they were, what their shoes looked like all clean and new, and their excitement to start off the year?! They change so much from the beginning to the end of the year and this is always a good barometer of that!

3.  Get in the frame

Mom and son first day of school photos

Typically this is the hardest photograph to get but if you know ahead of time that this is a photograph you want it makes it a little easier to accomplish.  In the past I have taken the photo of my kids with their first day of school and then handed off the camera to my husband to get me in a few pictures.  This doesn't have to be award winning but it will be consistent with your others and I have always been grateful to have a few images with myself in them to document the day.

I’m not sure I’m quite ready for getting back on a strict schedule, but knowing that they love school and are looking forward to it always makes it easier.