Hey Ya'll!  

I am Jennifer Saltsman, the gal behind the camera.  Photography for me is about capturing a moment in time so that I can trigger that memory later.  This is what initially got me interested in photography, I can instantly look at a photograph and remember the details of that moment!  So photographs, for me, take me right back to a time when my boys were sleeping with their bottoms in the air, doing the army crawl around the house, bringing all their stuffed animals to dinner or smiling with that toothless grin.  

And this brings me to YOU!  I want to capture the photos of the things that YOU want to remember.  Whether it is bringing your new baby home and capturing them just a few days old or simply having your family's love documented, I strive to capture the unique and true emotions of the families in front of my camera.  

I am not a "say cheese" photographer.  I describe my approach as being more lifestyle, where I direct you into certain poses but then you make them your own.  This is when I believe genuine photographs come to life!  I would love for you to hang out here for a while by exploring my portfolio, blog and testimonials from some of my dear clients.  If you like what you see here and want to talk more about getting your session scheduled, I would love for you to contact me!

Much love,

Jennifer Saltsman

jennifer saltsman

Now, onto a few tidbits about me....I am a night owl, a dog lover, a native Texan, a CPA (nerd alert),a follower of Jesus Christ, I survive on Diet Pepsi, wine and peanut butter, I have been to see the Dave Matthews Band in concert for the past 15 years with my best friend, I met my husband at a bar, and I adore being a boy mom times three!!

jennifer saltsman and kids

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