2017 Outakes

Because when there you take over 15,000 photos in a year there will be moments that just don't go right.  These are those moments that made me laugh, or pause, or wish I would have gotten it right.  And I began to notice a clear pattern for when my son did not want his photo taken...he gave me crazy eyes or some way or another covered his face.  And when my husband didn't want his photo taken, well, he used a different method.  I tried getting in more photos and when a 6 year old is taking your photo, you can see how that went.  Such a fun way to look back at 2017!

Favorite 17 of 2017

Each year I like to review the over 15,000 personal photos I take and select my personal favorites as best I here we go!  (top 17 and one to grow on!).  Now I need to stick to my other yearly tradition and put these together with my other 100+ favorites in our annual family album!

Summer in Collierville | Collierville Photographer

We have had a pretty laid back summer so far, not really having a to-do list or major plans has been what I have enjoyed most!  We did put together a summer bucket list where we listed about 15 things that each of us wanted to do this summer so that is something that gives us ideas week to week!  Here are my favorites from June - we crossed off the following from our bucket list: going to the Memphis Zoo, backyard pool day, GoKart and PuttPutt, Frisbee Golf, spending all day in our night-nights, finding new parks, bubble baths, ice cream dates and a Pokemon adventure!  I hope that July is just as fun!  I would love for you to follow along with me on Instagram - that is where I am posting most of my summer favorites daily!