Good Bye 2018...Hello 2019!

!!What A Year!!

2018 was a year of change!! After much prayer and contemplation, I went full time with my photography business at the beginning of the year and I can honestly say that it was undoubtably THE best decision!  

Here is a quick recap of 2018:

  • I photographed families that have been with me since the beginning

  • I met quiet a few new families

  • I began to offer a Baby Plan so that I could see those sweet newborns grow and document their milestones

  • I stepped out of my comfort zone and got into commercial photography for Bella Vita, Itty Bitty Bella and The Backroom

  • I taught a camera class to multiple moms to teach them how to operate their camera in manual mode

  • I took pictures of baseball teams and branched out into professional headshots

  •  I photographed my first preschool offering classic fine art images to over 250 students

I loved each and every session this year and I am SO thankful to the families that I have worked with this year!

2018 Jennifer Saltsman Photography Clients.jpg