What Props to Bring to a Baby's One Year Photo Session | Memphis Family Photographer

Some of my favorite sessions over the years have been of babies that are celebrating turning one!  There is no denying that babies change so much over the first year, but so do you as parents and you made it through the first year of all those changes too! So why not celebrate both you and them and document it in a fun way!  I am not a prop photographer when it comes to any other session, but I think any or all of the props mentioned below are totally worth bringing to your baby's one year photo session to showcase and celebrate your little one turning one!  


Cake smashes can easily be done outside with a cake stand and cake topper!  While I have yet to meet a baby that just digs into their cake, it is still fun to capture that first time that they experience pure sugary sweetness.  Plus, I love seeing babies in nothing but bloomers while they eat their cake because there aren't too many more times that photographing them somewhat naked will be as cute.

First Year Photo Session with Cake Smash

Party Hats!

These can be found just about anywhere and if all else fails, Pinterest is a a great place to get inspiration to make your own.  They may not stay on their head for long, but I click my camera fast and I can promise an adorable photograph.

One year old babies


Sometimes one year olds are all about showing off their new walking skills (see below), but balloons can normally get them still long enough to get some great photos. Balloons to me say "let's celebrate" and there are so many different ways you can incorporate these into a session.  You could have one very large balloon, a bunch of 6-10 of the same color or shades of the same color or just the number 1 balloon.  Sometimes the wind can play a factor with whether or not balloons will cooperate but sometimes that adds to the fun!

birthday boy with balloons

 Do you have a baby who is about to turn one?  Send me an email and we can schedule your 1st year session and plan out the props to make it a special celebration for you and them!