What is a Lifestyle Photographer?

Some of you are probably wondering..what the heck I am talking about when I say I am a lifestyle photographer! Well, I am here to answer that!

Being a lifestyle photographer means that I am in-between a traditional portrait photographer, which is simply posed, smiling at the camera and a documentary photographer, which doesn’t pose or direct their clients at all.

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To me, lifestyle is more emotive, meaning I can catch the candid moments and express myself more creatively all while capturing the essence of the people I am photographing. My sessions often involve movement, storytelling, games, cuddles and loving gestures and of course all of that is accentuated by yummy light!

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I do often direct and guide my clients into certain situations and sometimes poses but then I sit back and let them make it their own and that allows me to be more creative and capture the realness of my clients.

Lifestyle photography is going beyond the stiff and boring family portrait and capturing the true and authentic personalities of the people on the other side of my camera.

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